AHUG Hackathon: Cloud Hackathon for Arm-Based HPC

12 July 2021 (all week) | Online
Spack joins AWS and the Arm HPC user group for a community hackathon beginning on July 12. Participating teams will choose from a list of codes that already have Spack recipes and use pre-built AWS clusters. The Spack team will be live on Zoom to whiteboard ideas and help with troubleshooting. Register or read more about what to expect.

ISC High Performance

24 June - 2 July 2021 | Online
This year’s ISC conference will be held virtually. Register to join us for the Spack community BoF and tutorial.

ECP Annual Meeting

12-16 April 2021 | Online
The Exascale Computing Project’s annual meeting was virtual this year. Spack hosted a BoF session and tutorial, both of which are posted to YouTube.


Supercomputing (SC20)

9-19 November 2020 | Online
This year SC20 was fully virtual with events and sessions conducted over two weeks. Check out the Spack lineup in this list.

CppCon: Build All the Things with Spack

20 October 2020 | Online
CppCon is an annual, week-long gathering for the C++ community. This lightning talk describes Spack’s build model and features and explains how to use it for any C++ project. The video runs 6:53.

Spack on FLOSS for Science Podcast

3 September 2020 | Online
The FLOSS for Science podcast showcases open source software uses in science. Episode 30 covers the philosophy of Spack, its package management capabilities in HPC clusters, supported operating systems, and much more. The episode runs 52:26.

Spack Tutorial on AWS

28-29 July 2020 | Online
Amazon Web Services is hosting a two-day Spack tutorial broadly targeted at HPC users, developers, and user support teams. Each day consists of two 1.5-hour sessions with a 30-minute break in the middle (4-7:30pm CET / 7-10:30pm PT). The first day will cover Spack basics, while the second day will dive deeper on advanced features. Videos from day 1 (3:19:18) and day 2 (3:30:18) are available.

HPC Best Practices Webinar Series

15 July 2020 | Online
The IDEAS Productivity project, in partnership with the DOE Computing Facilities of the ALCF, OLCF, and NERSC and the DOE Exascale Computing Project, hosts a webinar series on Best Practices for HPC Software Developers. A webinar titled “What’s New in Spack?” will be presented by Todd Gamblin on Wednesday, July 15 at 1:00-2:00 pm ET. Slides and a video (1:26:33) from the session are available.

ISC High Performance

22-24 June 2020 | Frankfurt, Germany (DEFERRED)
ISC (formerly known as the International Supercomputing Conference), the biggest Supercomputing event in Europe, is typically held in Frankfurt in June. This year’s conference has been replaced with a virtual event from June 22-24, but the virtual program will unfortunately not include BoFs (birds of a feather) or tutorials. The Spack community BoF and half-day tutorial will instead be held as part of the 2021 program.

RSE Stories Podcast: Spack Attack!

21 May 2020 | Online
In a recent RSE Stories podcast, Todd Gamblin shares his journey at a national Lab and how getting angry at software led to development of a hugely popular package manager, Spack. The episode runs 21:25. RSE is affiliated with the U.S. Research Software Engineer Association.

Working Remotely: The Spack Team

16 May 2020 | Online
Better Scientific Software’s blog features a post about the Spack team’s experience working remotely and interacting with the Spack community. The writeup offers insight into making the most of online communication opportunities and stresses the importance of providing robust documentation so users can help themselves.

CERN Grid Deployment Board Meeting

5 May 2020 | Geneva, Switzerland (REMOTE)
CERN operates the world’s largest particle physics laboratory and is home to the Large Hadron Collider. As part of the Worldwide LHC Computing Grid Collaboration (WLCG), CERN’s Grid Deployment Board will meet to talk about container distribution and modern packaging approaches – like Spack. Notable presentations for the Spack community include:


14-16 April 2020 | Albuquerque, NM (POSTPONED)
The Tri-lab Advanced Simulation & Computing Sustainable Scientific Software Conference connects people from the ASC Tri-labs who are working to deliver scientific software solutions in a sustainable manner. Greg Becker will present a 20-minute talk and lead a half-day tutorial on Spack.


Supercomputing (SC19)

17-22 November 2019 | Denver, CO
SC19 kicks off this week in Denver, and there are Spack events every day. Make sure they’re all on your calendar with this list.