ECP annual meeting videos now available

Spack is the software deployment tool of the Exascale Computing Project (ECP), a joint effort between the DOE Office of Science and NNSA that brings several together national labs. These combined forces tackle the hardware, software, and application challenges inherent in the DOE/NNSA’s scientific and national security missions. The ECP’s annual meeting was hed virtually this year on April 12-16. The agenda included two Spack sessions that are now available on YouTube:

  • Spack BoF (runtime 1:00:40): This “birds of a feather” gathering details major developments in Spack releases, collaborative work with the E4S team, roadmap for future development, and results from our community survey. The session was led by Todd Gamblin, Greg Becker, Tammy Dahlgren, Peter Scheibel, Richarda Butler, and Sergei Shudler.
  • Using Spack to Accelerate Developer Workflows (runtime 6:14:42): This tutorial focuses on developer workflows, covering covered installation, package authorship, Spack’s dependency model, and Spack environments and configuration. Participants can learn new skills in this tutorial, even if they have participated in Spack tutorials in the past. Presenters were Todd Gamblin, Greg Becker, Peter Scheibel, Tammy Dahlgren, and Rob Blake. See also Spack’s tutorial docs.