Until now, spack.io has mostly been a landing page – an easy-to-remember URL with a brief description of Spack and links out to other, more important project pages. The old spack.io was great as a splash page, but its single-page layout was a bit cramped for all the stuff going on in the world of Spack. We’re developing new features and new collaborations rapidly, and we’d like to be able to highlight important news with blog articles and links.

Today, spack.io has a new look. We’re using the Minimal Mistakes theme to give ourselves a bit more room. The new layout has multiple pages, and we’re adding a blog, an event list, and a links page. We’ll be populating these with articles and interesting links. You can still find the highlights from the old page under About.

For our first feature, we’ve compiled a list of events at SC19. There are tutorials, BOFs, meetups with the Spack developers, and more. Check it out, and we hope to see you at the conference!